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Services by Little Britain Health

The services below are offered by our expert doctors, dentists and hospitals in Istanbul. We guide you through the whole process and make sure you depart satisfied!

Hair Transplant

Transplant is done by collecting follicles, opening the channels in the skin and placing these follicles in the opened channels. An unlimited amount of grafts are done by our professional doctors and its a quick and painless procedure to recover confidence in your hair.

Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

We can give you the best smile using the latest technology X-Ray and 3D scanners. Our dentist will determine the best option by looking at your existing smile and provide you with options. We will never damage healthy teeth and just slap on veneers like others do.

Breast/Butt Aesthetics

If you are looking to get your breasts or butt enhanced in anyway, we can help. May it be a Brazilian Butt Lift or a simple Breast Augmentation, our professional doctors will determine the most suitable options for you and discuss. Two patients and two bodies are never the same.

Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Whether you feel your nose is too big or too small; too thick or too thin; too long or too wide; or too crooked, pointy or bulbous; surgery can alter and enhance its size and shape in a number of ways that you want. The result should be natural, aesthetically pleasing and in proportion to the rest of the face.

Caring For Your Needs Individually

Once booked with us you will be assigned a personal representative to deal with every step of your booking and also welcoming you in Istanbul. You can access your rep 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp and e-mail.

Healthcare with Compassion and Care

Your representative will take care of even your most special needs including translation whilst shopping, allergy / dietary needs and any extracurricular activities you want to do including Bosphorus tours.

Patients Always Come First at Little Britain Health

We always put the health of our patients first before anything at LBH. The doctors, dentists and surgeons we work with take pride in their work and don’t rush our patients to any rash decisions.